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WeFixItUSA is a complete window service company located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Locally owned and operated offering a wide variety of services for home owners and businesses in Colorado Springs, Colorado and surrounding areas; Window Balances, Jambliners, Window Hardware removal and replacements, locks, latches and lifts, patio door hardware , door glass replacements and upgrades, screen repairs and replacements, sliding door rollers and wheels, water and air leak issues and problems, window glazing bead removals and replacements and more - One Call Does It All!

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Problems Reviews Complaints | BBB Colorado Springs | Prestigious Asphalt & Concrete

Numerous scam alerts in Colorado Springs, Colorado concerning Problems with Product / Service - PRESTIGIOUS CONCRETE & ASPHALT, LLC 80917 - wide range of scam complaints against this concrete company.


Complaint Type - Problems with Product and Service - Reviews & Complaints | BBB Verified Reviewer - COMPLAINTS CONCERNING - Prestigious Asphalt & Concrete and the Owner,  Lemoral Antonio Anderson, OWNER Prestigious Asphalt and Concrete of Colorado Springs 80917


Complaint Type - Problems with Product and Service

Driveway was paved, asphalt, this summer and is now falling apart - crumbling surface, cracks, sinking. I have tried to contact the company, Prestigious Asphalt & Concrete, OWNER - Antonio Anderson - Contacted 9/16/2016 - He immediately replied and we set a time and owner WAS A "NO SHOW" .. and I have not been able to contact him since.

Complaint Type - The business - Prestigious Concrete & Asphalt, Antonio Anderson (owner ) failed to respond to the dispute. (3 complaints)

Complaint Type - 10/17/2017 Problems with Product / Service  On February 28, 2017, I contracted with Prestigious Asphalt and owner, Antonio Anderson to do my driveway job. To date, the work has not been started or completed. I paid them 1/2 down as a deposit in early March. They cashed the check immediately. They have promised various dates they'd start - NO SHOWS AND LIES

09/22/2017 - Problems with Product / Service - PRESTIGIOUS CONCRETE & ASPHALT, Colorado Springs 80917 Complaint

I am a general contractor here in Colorado Springs. and I am a member of the BBB. I had contracted with Antonio Anderson (owner) of Prestigious Asphalt and Concrete to do a $60K concrete job. On Thursday, July 27, he and his wife/partner (Magin) met me in my office to sign our contract. They requested a 50% down payment to get going - I told them no way. I never give down payments to subcontractors. They were not willing to move forward without money down, so I offered 25% down and the next 25% after the first full day of completed work. Antonio and his wife agreed, so they signed our contract and I gave them a check for $14,420. Again, that was on 8/27/17. They were to start that following Monday (8/30/17).

Communications from the Owner, Antonio Anderson from the start was horrendous, and when we would actually be able to talk with him, he would make promises to be at the job site at such and such particular time, and never show up... He wouldn't answer follow up calls but answered after I blocked my call # ..  Then magically, he'd answer, and spit out another ridiculous excuse .. So after several days of excuses and no shows, I gave them one last chance to show up. That was Thursday (8/3/17). They were to be at the job site at 8:30am; that changed to 9:30; that changed to 10; which changed to 11; you see what I mean??