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Probably the number one issue and most frequently asked questions [FAQ] .. problems with old casement windows:


Q. The crank hardware sticks? What do I do?
Q. How do I oil or lube the operator on my casement window?
Q. How can I clean and lubricate the casement Roto-gear assembly?
Q. Why does the crank unit "clunk" when I try to crank it closed?
Q. The handle came out of my operator - what part do I order to fix this?
Q: I have casement windows that are hard to open / close - Is there a problem with the hardware?
Q. Should I be maintaining my casements on an annual basis in some way?
Q. Can I repair my windows myself? Or do I need to replace the windows?


ANSWERS: Casement and Awning windows have been around for a long time; longer than most of us, since the steel casement window was very common in homes built before WWII [World-War-Two] These were typically crank-outs with putty holding in individual pieces of glass; They were metal to metal and no weather strip at all. Most homes today have a mix of casements, awnings, double or single hungs, and fixed window units; Most people like casement windows for any number of reasons - maximum ventilation, ease of cleaning etc.

ISSUES: When you start looking for problem identification - you'll want to look for aswers to things like: (1) Why is the window crank hard to turn? (a) Debris, leaves, dirt jammed around parts of the operator? (b) loose or protruding screws in the slide hinge assembly? (c) Any loose hardware? Bent hardware? .. where the lever attaches to the sash? 


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Biltbest Wood Casement Windows » Sash Kits, Stiles and Rails » BiltBest Aluminum Clad Wood Windows »

OEM made BiltBest Sashes with primed wood and/or metal clad replacement sashes for homeowners.

Replacement Parts for all BiltBest Windows - Casement, Awning, and Double Hungs BiltBest Windows and Patio Doors, originally from Sainte Genevieve MO, went out of business in 2010 .. We offer OEM made BiltBest Sashes with primed wood and/or aluminum clad replacement sashes for all your old Biltbest replacements. The OEM BiltBest unit had the glass "directly set" into the sash and pinned or screwed in the corners. New replacement BiltBest stiles and rails can be pinned or screwed in corners, and you can utilize your old glass if desired. You can uprade and order aluminum metal clad window sashes to replace your old painted or stained wood sashes. Sash kits come KD ( knock down ) and no glass - the kits are wood parts only. These are custom made to order so please allow 2-3 weeks lead time.


Video Tutorial:

Hurricane Recovery Efforts - Window and Door Parts | Free Parts ID Help

we'll help you identifyparts fast and easy without filling out a bunch of paperwork - follow the simple outline on YouTube VIDEO


If the weather forcasts are correct .. you'll most likely find that the high winds and large amounts of rainfall will most likely get your attention and underscore all the weak points in your old window and patio door weatherstriping as the winds and rainfall will cause your old window and door seals and weatherstrip to leak and fail from the stress ... we're here to help after the storm cleanup begins in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee .. just watch the short video and let us know if we can help! 



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Guardian [Glass] Patio Door and Window Parts

If you have a window or sliding glass door that needs parts, repair or replacement and it has a “Guardian” stamp on the glass, the stamp simply means the glass was “tempered” by Guardian


HELP WITH .. Guardian [Glass] Patio Doors and Windows -- PLEASE NOTE: If you have a sliding glass door or window that has a “Guardian Etching" on the glass, the stamp simply means the glass was “tempered” by Guardian - THEY DID NOT MAKE THE DOOR OR WINDOW ( they are a major glass supplier).


If you need parts or help .. we will need more information such as follows:

1. Clear / Close Up Pictures / "close up views" etc. of parts? 
2. Measurements If Important? 
5. AND REMEMBER - Good "pitures" are worth 1000's of words .. Please Size Images 800 X 600 .. 640 X 480 






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We offer Free Parts ID and Help .. but please be patient .. we do our best to avoid errors and mistakes .. because nothing is more frustrating than getting wrong parts or bad information ..

Others make the Mistake #1 of  "Over Promising" .. and over promising usually ends in under delivering, which always results in an unhappy customer. The Fix: Understand what’s the best replacement parts .. and what works best for best results ..

Mistake #2: Missing the Mark with Modern Technology - we do our best to respond via email instead of telephone hit and miss .. simply put, our simple digital presence with a number of websites and research tools seems to work best .
The Mistake so many others make .. Overlooking the Details! usually because you are dealing with sales clerks, parts service reps - NOT WINDOW AND DOOR SERVICE AND INSTALLATION PEOPLE .. so missing small details may seem minor to you, but it’s a sure bet that when you go to install your parts .. you will notice — and remember - normal special order parts are non-returnable .. so we try to go the extra mile .. and this may take a little longer ..

.. and the biggest Mistake of All - Lack of Up-to-Date Knowledge. Not being able to visualize newer upgrade parts, more modern trends in design that will work best for you.


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We have additional profiles available, but due to proprietary restrictions, those brands can not be listed.

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BiltBest Windows, originally founded in 1947 - was a top of the line, industry leader in the Manufacturing of wood and aluminum clad wood windows and patio doors. Located in Ste. Genevieve Missouri the manufacturing and main office facility was conveniently located for shipment of windows and doors to all parts of the United States to lumber yards, home builders and other quality window and door distributors nationwide. We urge you to check out our Web Site and become familiar with the products and services we now offer homeowners with BiltBest Windows and patio Doors.


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