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If you encounter other issues or problems with what you are calling a Guardian sliding glass patio door, your best answer is to understand the reality within the industry and be familiar with your warranty paperwork given when you purchased the patio door. Product may be under some type of warranty – if you know who made the door, who sold it and / or who installed it – and it’s not over 10 years old. Normally this is rarely the case and not so easy to resolve. Find your paperwork, read the warranty, and determine if you are still covered. Contact the company from whom you purchased your doors.

Many door and window companies were forced to close due to the dramatic downturn in the economy in 2007, 2008 and 2009. Unfortunately, many home owners Identify their doors by the glass etchings or stampings on the tempered glass which is required by federal law since 1977 for all glass located within doors and tub and shower enclosures. Although warranty issues may vary widely – most experts say 10 years is the norm. Many companies that offered a “lifetime warranty” are no longer in business. Most manufacturers do transfer their warranties to new owners if a house is sold. Be sure to check your paperwork and ask this before closing if you are purchasing a previously owned home.

Following are a few examples of problems and issues encountered with Guardian Patio Tempered Glass warranties to consider.

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