The Whirlwind 12V Deer Feeder Spincast System | Complete

Price: $233.95
SKU: Whirlwind Spinner System


The Texas Whirlwind Feeder  .. this super duty deer feed spincast controller assembly is the best .. and it will throw and scatter corn farther than any standard controller. 


  • On High 3800 RPMS - The Whirlwind Scatters Corn Farther Than Any Standard Feeder
  •  Heavy Duty "No Blow" Slinger - resist wind and grain trickle 
  •  Simple and Easy to Install on 55 Gallon Metal / Plastic / Barrels / Drums
  •  Includes Easy Digital Timer and Heavy Duty Blower Motor
  •  Feeds 1 to 16 times per day, set any / all days of the week
  •  Feeds 1 to 8 different feeding times per day
  •  Heavy Duty metal control housing box w/ high torque industrial 12V motor
  •  Metal downspout that fits most feed barrels and ccontainers
  •  INCLUDED - 12V BATTERY Rechargeable 7AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery
  •  INCLUDED - 12V Deluxe SOLAR PANEL w/ Coon Proof Cable Assembly
  •  INCLUDED - Stainless Center Weighted and Balanced Hi-Velocity Spinner Plate