Truth Single Arm Operators 9 1/2" 13 1/2" Window Cranks by Truth and EntryGard

Price: $48.88

Truth Single Arm Operator - Truth Window Operators - Window Cranks By Truth Hardware‎, Truth hinges, cranks & handles, shutter hinges, 9 1/2" and 13 1/2"  Single-Arm Left-Hand and Right Handed Casement Operators. 15 Series Truth Ellipse Window Operators, Dyad Operators, Parts, 23 Series Window Operators - We're All Your Truth Operator Needs!


  • Comes in right hand or left hand.
  • Available in 9 1/2" or 13 1/2" arm length.
  • Shipped complete with #BB-PP.454 crank handle and screws.
  • To Order:
  1. Determine arm length. Measure from center of gear box to center of roller on arm.
  2. Determine left or right hand. View window from outside; if hinged on left side, order a left hand operator.
  • See the 'A Measurement' below.
  • The version with the 11" arm is no longer manufactured. If yours measures 11", replace it with the 9 1/2" version.