BiltBest Window Crank Handle Upgrade - Full Flip Handle & Cover - BRONZE

Price: $44.88

Now you have some remodel and restoration options with your old BiltBest Crank Handle Upgrade - Full Flip Handle & Cover casement window cranks and handles. Easy to use with shutters and drapes. Upgrade those old "Crank Handles" to the new style Full Flip Handle & Cover. Long recognized as the industry standard, and now you can special order our vast array of finishes for this window hardware. From traditional finishes to new designer lines and decorative finishes. Complement your remodel and update those casement windows.


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Painted Finishes: Aluminum (01) Black (02) Bronze (03) Coppertone (11) Clay (22) Chestnut Bronze (23) Beige (24) White (32) Off White (37) White (38) Sahara Beige (41) Snow White (42) Sandstone (50) Tuscan Bronze (69) Bright White (78) Matte Black (BK) Almond (CT) Faux Oil Rubbed Bronze (FB) Faux Nickel (FN) Decorative Finishes: Bright Brass (13/JA*) Antique Brass (14) Brushed Brass (58) Satin Nickel (10/33*) Bright Chrome (35/JC*) Satin Chrome (53/JE*) Oil Rubbed Bronze (52/JD*) Brushed Antique Chrome (98) * PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) - The PVD process bonds elements in a controlled environment that produces superior decorative finishes and corrosion performance compared to standard plating processes.