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JUST THINK ABOUT THIS .. many casements can be fixed with a new operator, a new set of hinges and a minor standard alignment .. with all the parts costing less than $ 150.00 and about two hours per unit of labor .. THINK ABOUT THAT VS .. a new window and about a $2000-$3000 Bill For a new unit and installation??

Help with replacement parts for windows and doors, circa the  1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s and much newer too!



Probably the number one issue and most frequently asked questions are about problems with casement windows:


Q. The crank hardware sticks? What do I do?
Q. How do I oil or lube the operator on my casement window?
Q. How can I clean and lubricate the casement Roto-gear assembly?
Q. Why does the crank unit "clunk" when I try to crank it closed?
Q. The handle came out of my operator - what part do I order to fix this?
Q: I have casement windows that are hard to open / close - Is there a problem with the hardware?
Q. Should I be maintaining my casements on an annual basis in some way?
Q. Can I repair my windows myself? Or do I need to replace the windows?


ANSWERS: Casement and Awning windows have been around for a long time; longer than most of us, since the steel casement window was very common in homes built before WWII [World-War-Two] These were typically crank-outs with putty holding in individual pieces of glass; They were metal to metal and no weather strip at all. Most homes today have a mix of casements, awnings, double or single hungs, and fixed window units; Most people like casement windows for any number of reasons - maximum ventilation, ease of cleaning etc.

ISSUES: When you start looking for problem identification - you'll want to look for aswers to things like: (1) Why is the window crank hard to turn? (a) Debris, leaves, dirt jammed around parts of the operator? (b) loose or protruding screws in the slide hinge assembly? (c) Any loose hardware? Bent hardware? .. where the lever attaches to the sash? 

NOTES: It's important to keep the window hardware clean and properly lubricated. Most of the sash weight is on the lower hinge assembly and it needs to be well aligned and balanced for the window to open and close with ease.

MAINTENANCE TIP: DO NOT USE A "dust attracting" oil - Use a protective White Lithium Grease that is ideal for metal-to-metal applications that require heavy-duty lubrication and protection against rust, corrosion and the elements. A Dry Moly aerosol molybdenum disulfide lubricant is also great, but not usually the home owners first choice due to costs; Although a lubricant, it is very dry, very protective in extremely dirty conditions and will not attract dust. 
It is fairly simple for you to maintain and lubricate the windows yourself. The first thing to do is to thoroughly inspect the window, the crank assembly, inspect the top and bottom slide hinges, look for rust, debris, dirt on any and all the parts that you can see. You may even be able to remove a housing from on top of the crank to gain access to the actual roto-gear operator assembly and associated parts.
Make sure there is no debris, that all parts function correctly and are in good shape; Remove any rust if it exists; If screw heads in the slide hinges protrude to any degree whatsoever - YOU NEED TO CORRECT THIS.

BEST METHOD: use a Hardwood type plug .. like a 1/8" dowel rod, about 3/4" long with 5 minute epoxy glue on the end; set in hole, let dry and reset a new stainless screw; You can buy all these parts from woodworking dealers or home centers like Lowes, ACE or Home Depot. .

If you think that your windows are not repairable - THINK AGAIN!! get the advice of a goor REPAIR PROFESSIONAL - NOT THE LOCAL WINOW SALESMAN!! There are "sash replacement kits" available for amny windows. Let me warn you that the price for new casement windows may surprise you -- as high-quality windows are expensive. Remember this, windows and doors are often the weakest link in the energy-efficiency chain around your house.

DO IT YOURSELF [D.I.Y.] Casement Window Repair Tips

If you're thinking about replacing your casement windows because the old glass is cloudy, condensated at insides, or because they're drafty, hard to open etc. etc. - CONSIDER THIS ASPECT BEFORE YOU REPLACE - most casements and awning windows with poor or incorrect type of weather strip components will not function correctly, they will leak air all around the sashy etc. etc. You can fix most of the problems yourself for a fraction of the cost of one new window.. and it will only take about an hour or two per window. Have your windows been affected by poor painting methods? .. They may stick shut when they're painted shut .. then when you try to FORCE OPEN WITH THE CRANK FUNCTION - the cast gear will break! Maybe your windows are swollen shut from high humidity, water intrusions? Blowing snow? .. all because your weather strip and sash seals are more than 7-9 years old?

Fixing a Stripped Casement Crank Handle

If you turn your window handle and nothing happens, the gears on your handle, crank operator shaft or both are probably stripped. Take off the handle and look for signs of wear. If the teeth are worn --- REPLACE THE HANDLE - available online with nationwide shipping from  .. we sell every type of window replacement part you'll ever need!


NEED MORE HELP? .. Send Some Pictures:

BEWARE .. if your windows need some work, and you have no idea how to repair .. concerned about what this all should cost? .. maybe your windows are on the 2nd or 3rd floor .. so you're uncomfortable with ladder work etc. and trying to do this myself.

JUST REMEMBER .. when you ask questions of the Home, Window & Door Person on Angie's List or HomeAdvisor .. you'll most likely be told something like ..

If one of my outside window specialists saw what you've been describing .. I think they would definitely be moving you toward replacing the entire older unit. If you just had weather stripping issues, that is an easy fix. But, when you describe screws pulling out of window sill .. that makes me lean toward ... maybe some rotted wood? .. If that is the case you will probably end up putting a bandaid on your window problem --- and dealing with it again in the next couple of years. NOTICE HOW SUBTLE THE DOUBTS ENTER IN ??

Let's be realistic .. Casement windows fight gravity because they hang out of the house .. catch the wind, move and vibrate .. and much of the old hardware that was used on your older windows in the past .. was not designed to take that abuse of gravity, time and again .. over the years ..

JUST THINK ABOUT THIS .. many casements can be fixed with a new operator, a new set of hinges and a minor standard alignment .. with all the parts costing less than $ 150.00 and about two hours per unit of labor .. THINK ABOUT THAT VS .. a new window and about a $2000-$3000 Bill For a new unit and installation??

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