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A Message from C J Krzywonski - March 24, 2020

We all know this is an unprecedented time in our history and although the Great Depression started and ended before i was born, I heard plenty of stories from Mom, Dad, Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents who worked and lived through it all as they farmed the land and scratched out a living. This COVID-19 Pandemic is having a tremendous impact on the health of the elderly and many of the businesses we rely on every day. When you don't have much, and you're simply a very small business concern - the health of the global economy is something you just don't pay much attention to as you try to live day to day. As we all strive to figure all this out, and navigate through these days and times - I want you to know that when it comes to window and door parts - WE'RE HERE FOR YOU!


Coming Together To Help Small Business and Our Community

In the past 32 years we’ve weathered some storms like the assasination of JFK, but we were in high school and our sadness turned to hope rather quickly .. then the big "dot com bust" but we didn't have a dot com back then, so it did not matter much to us. Then there was 9/11/2001 and the world changed as we witnessed evil on our own soil .. but by this time with full blown families and busy lives we turned to OUR GOD and Trusted Him to handle all these things. Then the 2008 financial crisis, the recession and all that followed as we struggled to survive as we downsized business again and again. We've witnessed major weather events and catastrophic wild fires that have touched all parts of the world .. and came to our own doorsteps here in Colorado. All the while we held onto our FAITH IN GOD .. and throughout this walk we have worked hard to support and sustain our families, those who worked with us, our customers and our friends.

As we address this "pandemic", we will no doubt become closer to our families and neighbors, and our commitment to begin and continue to PRAY - WILL NOT WAIVER. Many people today are stepping up to help others because we are realizing how fragile we all are and no one person, or business .. can do it alone. We’re calling on people all across our nation to come together IN PRAYER .. and IN PRACTICE to help those most vulnerable during this crisis - Healthcare Workers, First Line Responders like Law Enforcement, the Elderly and look for ways to help. We’ve witnessed kindness and thanksgiving - and it's times like these that it takes strength and courage along with generosity - to make a difference and ease somone's pain.  

We Here To Help Homeowners With Window and Door Parts and Repairs

If you are an AllWindowDoorParts customer (Biltbest Window Parts, Truth Window Hardware, Truth EntryGard Et Al ) and are unsure of how to fix something, pay for a part you need this month, or find yourself in need of assistance on how best to handle a window or door issue safely and affordably - we want to offer our help - FREE PARTS ID HELP JUST CALL (719) 531-0961 or Send An Email - we'll do our best to answer your questions.

We Support Other Small Business - Contractors and Handymen, Glaziers and Repair Technicians. Digital payments via PayPal and Buying Discounts to the "trades" have become a real lifeline for many small businesses. I want to THANK YOU ALL for your continued support online - and THANK YOU for the trust you place in us every day.


May Our God and Father Bless You And Your Family TODAY!! .. and Every Day!  


FREE PARTS ID HELP JUST CALL (719) 531-0961 or Send An Email - we'll do our best to answer your questions.